Celebrities Who Have Even Hotter Siblings

It’s kind of a given that most famous people are hot, but it still comes as a surprise whenever we see celebrities with hot siblings. Often times, in fact, the celeb siblings are even hotter than the Hollywood celebs themselves! Sometimes all it takes is a different nose or a different hair color to give siblings of famou people that extra boost needed to make him or her rise above their celeb brother or sister. (In Audrina Patridge’s sister’s case, all it takes is a pair of eyes which aren’t looking up at the ceiling all the time.)

It’s always fun to look for similarities between celebrity siblings. Just wait till you see Emma Watson and her brother: they practically look like the same person! It’s freaky!¬†Also, who knew the Olsen Twins had a hot sister that they’ve been hiding away from us for the longest time?! Yep. Elizabeth Olsen is just as talented, and even more attractive, than her arguably more famous older celeb siblings. She smiles more, too.

We promise you won’t be disappointed by this list of celebrities with hot siblings. You especially won’t be disappointed when you see celebs’ siblings like Chris Evans’s brother or Penelope Cruz’s sister! Just wait. You’ll be short of breath in no time.

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